The first thing to do after you have set up your Tagglo account is to get your data ready to be imported.

The most important requirement is that you have a product 'ID' column with IDs for each of your products. OR you need to have a uniquely identifying number for each product, such as an internal SKU, and map that to the ID attribute.

Tagglo will eliminate having to modify your data for a specific retailer's system so try to upload data that comes from as close to your native source as possible.

Additional Helpful tips:

  • Have one product per row
  • First row should be your column titles
  • Avoid having data span multiple cells in your spreadsheet
  • Know the retailer categories your products live in
  • Include an internal product name in your spreadsheet
  • We recommend that the unique ID for products be the Mfg. part # or Model #
  • Using the ID in the image name and we'll do our best to match everything up
  • Have a folder of images ready or better yet, add the urls to those images in your spreadsheet and Tagglo will fetch the images for you!
  • Tagglo imports XLS files the fastest
  • Download a sample template - XLSX, CSV
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