With your data imported, it is time to map it to your retailer. Right after importing, you are taken to the mapping section. This section can always be accessed by selecting the link icon.

In the mapping section, you have four main panels. The top two are divided between your data and your retailer's data.

The bottom half shows the already mapped attributes, with the same layout of your data and your retailer's data. 

To map your data, select your attribute on the left and then find the corresponding attribute on the right. You can either scroll and look for your attribute, or select the eyeglass and type what you think it is called. Tagglo will do a smart search of the retailer's data and find the closest matches!

Once you have your match, select the link icon on the right hand side of the attribute in the retailer's column. Your attributes are mapped and will be moved to the mapped section on the bottom half of the section!

Helpful tips:

• Map as many attributes as you can, but don't stress; you will be able to enrich them in the next step.
• Knowing your retailer's nomenclature will help find matching attributes.
• Once the attributes are mapped, Tagglo will remember them for future imports of similar product families.  

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